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Client Referrals

In 2012 frustrated with the lack of information and direction we were receiving from our previous accountants, we decided to dissect and have a look at our options to solidify the future and well being of our business.  

After having a meeting and planning a way forward with the directors at Greenfire Accounting, we were impressed in the way that they had taken an interest in understanding how our business ran and the subtleties in how it operated.  

From here we were able to plan a clear strategy in going forward in how we could best improve and become more accurate in our forecasting.  A couple of years later, our retail business is doing more stock turns and is more profitable than ever before.  The business is now running smoother than ever before and cash flow problems have ceased.

The staff at Greenfire accounting are always open, honest and looking at how we can better preform as a team. They have taken time out to help us better understand how the financial side of our business works and this has helped us make wiser decisions in general.

There is know doubt that the knowledge and professional advise gained from Greenfire accounting has helped our retail business reach growth that we never thought possible as we strive to the next level.

Rotorua Hunting and Fishing Directors - 
Mike Davis, John Schuler, Adam Rowbotham.